Yehuda Welded Mesh Fencing (“Yehuda Reshatot”) leads the fencing market in Israel with the quantity and quality of its products. During its years of operation, the company has manufactured and constructed thousands of kilometers of various types of fences for security purposes, decoration, sports facilities, educational institutions, industrial enterprises and road-safety purposes such as traffic islands, shoulders, guardrails and more. Yehuda Welded Mesh Fencing despatches teams daily to install its first-class fences at customer's sites.
Yehuda Welded Mesh Fencing was the first to develop and introduce the concept of the “Quality Fence” to the Israeli market. This fence is based on elements made of welded mesh, with or without a steel frame, which is heavily galvanized after the welding. These elements are available powder coated, with baked polyester paint, according to customer’s request.
Many of Yehuda’s fence solutions serve as the reference and standard of duplication for the entire fencing market in Israel. Currently, Yehuda Welded Mesh Fencing is the only company in the industry of Israeli fences that has been granted a Standard Label by the Israeli Standards Institute (Israeli Fencing Standard – IS4273). The company holds ISO 9001-2000 certification and has been operating according to the strict standards of this certificate for many years.
Yehuda Fences is now a daughter-company, one of ten plants in the group of Yehuda Welded Mesh Ltd., which has a workforce of 800 employees. The other members of the Group produce construction steel (from ferrous scrap to the processing of construction steel) and steel mesh for reinforced concrete, cut and bent rebars for construction, and produce and install fences. The majority of the Group’s plants are located in the Northern Industrial Zone of Ashdod, 30 km from Tel Aviv. 

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