Yehuda Profile

Yehuda Welded Mesh Ltd. was founded in 1974 by Messilat Sigma
(founded in 1937). Yehuda is a maker of steel reinforcing bar and has plants for the downstream processing thereof.

Since its establishment, the company has been dedicated to providing outstanding, efficient and professional service without compromise, while meeting the highest Israeli and international standards. Throughout the years, the company has responded to the changing demands of the market quickly and efficiently, developing and broadening its operations, and upgrading the services provided to its clients.

Yehuda Welded Mesh purchased the Ram Company’s rolling and melting factories in 1995 from the State Receiver and the new subsidiary company, Yehuda Steel, began producing steel for construction.

Today, the Yehuda Group recycles ferrous scrap from melting down, casting, and rolling of steel to welded mesh, cutting, bending and preparing steel for construction sites.

In the end of 2007 Yehuda Fences was established, a subsidiary for producing and installing fences for safety, ornamental and security fences, including electronic systems. At the same time the Barzelan plant making galvanized wires for export became a Yehuda plant.

Altogether, the Group has 750 employees in ten plants managed by one body and owned by a group of international investors.

Yehuda Welded Mesh is a leader in its field. The company believes that its staff are its most important resource and that the social involvement and responsibilities of thecompany and its employees must be fostered. There is a warm family relationship between the company’s employees and its management, based on mutual respect, loyalty and an excellent working environment.

Sales in 2009 were over $250m.

The Yehuda Group’s professionalism, financial strength and skill, experience and in-depth knowledge of the market allow the company to present a comprehensive, creative and innovative range of services to address all customers needs.

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