Yehuda Profile
The Yehuda Group (est. 1974) recycles ferrous scrap - melting scrap down, casting and rolling rebars. It also produces welded mesh and fencing, cutting, bending and its preparation steel for construction sites. The Yehuda Group is a private Israeli company.

YEHUDA fences
Fences for: Security, Road Traffic-Safety, Ornamental-Decorative, Public Institutions or Sport fences, Correction facilities, Mobile fences or Gates -
We have all of them!
Since the year 1985 we produce and export them around the world:in USA and Britain, in Central America, in Europe and in Asia.
You order - we deliver!

The Company’s Plants...
...Are: Recycling Plant, Meltshop, 2 Rolling Mills, 4 Cut & Bend plants, Mesh Plant, Yehuda Fences and Barzelan.

Since its establishment in 1974 Yehuda Fences have been installed for all purpose - security and safety, educational institutions decorative, sports complexes etc. - All around the world from USA to Britain, also in El Salvador, India, Turkmenistan and more.

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